Print Controlling

A print controlling function can also be added onto the PRIMON print management system, which complements the print monitoring function. It provides users with a more informal environment for accessing print jobs, for collecting print tasks. In consequence, a more cost-effective, high-level of operation is established. Users do not send their print jobs to mandated devices, but can, via a so-called proximity printer print at once on all configured devices located in their environment. They can do all of this in a way that afterwards they themselves can choose the device through which they request their printouts (this is the so-called Follow Me or Pull Print capability.
To put together tasks and task owners, and for identification the system uses users’ information technology identifiers and personalization devices (the corporate access card usually serves as the personalization device). The way this actually happens is that the user sitting at a computer sends the print jobs to a single device, but at this given moment these will not yet be physically printed out, only stored encrypted in the print management system. Print jobs can be also collected, sorted, cancelled, and managed from a Web interface provided to all users, accessible even from their own computer.
After this the user selects the appropriate device currently available to him/her, where, following a simple identification procedure, he/she obtains access to his/her print jobs. Subsequently to identification he/she can only initiate copying via MFP devices, thus printing control not only guarantees security and availability of printouts, but also protects customers’ devices from unauthorized use. Thanks to our proprietary software products, we can handle every type of identification device (e.g. card readers) in the market segment.

Two versions of PRIMON:

  • Does not require online server connection
  • Once a day synchronization
  • Nearly all functions are available
Online (for PRIMON print controlling):
  • Online connection
  • Full integrity
  • Can be connected any other online system