Thanks to the PRIMON Box App, it is possible to have authenticated job execution and reporting function without a server. We especially recommend this product to customers with smaller device fleets, who prefer to have an overview of their usual print habits. This is also a great solution for geographically divided large companies, as it enables print controlling at the smaller branches without server and internet connection. The user interface of the PRIMON Box App is basically just like that of the PRIMON App. However, due to the lack of any server in this case, the application can only be customized machine by machine — there is no connection between the multifunctional devices.

The PRIMON Box App has its own administrator interface where users can be registered and all necessary settings can be implemented. In order to make the user registration process easier for our clients, an AD / LDAP Sync is available in the admin menu. Thanks to this function, user data can be imported quickly and effortlessly. Users do not have to be added one by one. Additionally, once the setup and configuration of a device is successfully finished, it is not necessary to repeat the process at another device, as the application settings can be exported via USB. Then the saved data can be imported to a different multifunctional device with just a few clicks after entering the correct security code.