Our Other Software Products

Our company also develops other software than PRIMON. We have also developed our other products with our customer-centered philosophy in mind, and in the future, too, we only wish to create state-of-the-art, reliable and precise software.
Our customers’ satisfaction and our partners’ need for reliable software have prompted us to expand our product portfolio with access control and ERP systems.

IDMON access control system software:

IDMON is Colorspectrum Kft.’s solution to managing movement and door uses associated with customers’ work schedules and work environment needs. It enables employees of a workplace to access the premises required for their duties via automatic door opening/access control systems. The online query of movements and reservations according to organizational hierarchy ensures that we obtain an authentic idea of the demand for work premises. With maximum integrating capacity, the information technology system can be linked up to other monitoring and ERP software. Even the specific expectations of special areas like educational institutions’ room distribution or the management of the internal authority of financial institutions or those requiring high security levels can be met.
ERP System:
Responding to user needs, Colorspectrum Kft. has developed and continues to develop custom ERP software. The company’s own programming capacity makes it possible to design a flexible competency system suited to specific environments and needs in a more cost-effective way. The software can also be built up module by module, with modules deployed in already operational company environments as needed, replacing existing systems with more modern solutions or complementing them.
Special Developments:
Our development capacities are at our partners’ disposal both in relation to software we have supplied and independently of them. With capabilities to personalize supplied systems, to create custom adaptations and integration, our software development and operating resources make possible delivery of not only a one-off boxed product, but a custom software made specifically for a customer. Custom system connection modules, querying, and expanded capabilities can be included in applications that can simplify or automate running processes.