This server combines all benefits and characteristics of the versions in one complex system. It is specifically designed for large company environments. The PRIMON software, which runs on the server operated by the user, ensures printing control. Furthermore, with regards to document handling, it can meet all requirements from scanning to a specific place (folder, mailbox, etc.)to printing with e-fax or mobile device. Owing to the authentication done by the server, the print jobs are executed at the device, where the user was identified with his or her Access Card (follow me function). The previously mentioned IWS application and tablet ease interface have special significance in a large company with a mixed cultural and multilingual environment. The automated counter and error report, settable eligibility on the web interface, languages, reports, and data export, these all make it possible to create a modernly operated company.

To whom we offer?

Institutions with any size and any geographic division, with a large number of employees, who work with several MFP devices and the path of their documents are diverse. In this kind of environment, the PRIMON Server can operate a reasonably formed device fleet with suitable functionality, eligibility, flexibility, and with customization based on the users and the company as well.

What are the benefits?

  • Controlled printing, complex document management
  • Continuous online data connection
  • Controlled access, Follow me function
  • Unique and automated reports, complex hierarchies
  • Personalized interface and settings
  • No need for secondary server!